"I have been involved with garbage trucks and street sweepers for 30 years and I would have no problems in recommending MacDonald Johnston (Bucher Municipal) vehicles. One of the reasons is the products reliability of machines, the after sales is excellent even when things have run out of warranty. I have even had to contact service people on public holidays with no problem, they always ring back and talk you through difficult break downs. I have also used their workshop for repairs and insurance jobs and all jobs have been completed on time. The spare parts division is excellent with most parts coming overnight if ordered early enough in the day. Over the years I have had dealings with their product support staff and they always listen to what you have to say especially if you think they could make changes to machines for safety or easy usage. I cannot say much more about their products but I am sure they have been the most reliable and best operator friendly vehicles I have been involved with."

Brad Searant
Lake Macquarie City Council

   "I was impressed with my detailed tour of the MacDonald Johnston Head Office (Bucher Municipal) facility. The systems that are in place would appear to add value to the product range as well as the manufacturing and assembly processes. I am very confident in MacDonald Johnston (Bucher Municipal) after seeing the Melbourne setup. Well done to Daniel, Jim, Stewart and Darrin."

Russell Wood
Bond Contracts LTD SA

    "Just a note from Brad and I to say thank you for a great visit to Melbourne.The tour of the factory and the presentation from Darrin was fantastic. URBIN and FORCE look to be fantastic new models. As clients of yours it was great to see the amount of R & D that goes into your product. The production line (the sausage) is fantastic and who ever initiated the process change from the bays to keep pressure on all people involved was a genius. We don’t expect this but is thoroughly appreciated. We would like to thank all at MJ (Bucher Municipal) for the ongoing service you provide to our company."

Kim Gorey
Perth Waste WA