If you own a Bucher Municipal vehicle, you have bought the best in design, reliability and performance that the industry has to offer.

However, as with any piece of complex equipment operating in a difficult environment and in order to protect your investment, both your operators and technicians need a good understanding of the equipment, how best to operate it safely and efficiently and care for it.
Bucher Municipal runs technical and operator training courses in all five branch locations during the year as well as offering on-site and off-calendar training at extra cost. Courses can even be tailored to meet your specific needs if required.
Operator Training courses range from a one day “refresher” course to a three day in depth course specially aimed at new operators and covering safe operation, basic fault diagnosis, start and end of day checks, economical usage and efficient operating techniques in various conditions.

Technical Training courses are usually one day in duration with a mixture of classroom and practical training. Basic operation and safety as well as in depth hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and water systems training is included where relevant or requested. Routine, general and preventative maintenance are also included.

In each case, courses are available for Compact and Truck Mounted Sweepers. All participants are given a certificate of attendance and a course hand out and in the case of Technical Training, will be tested both before and after the course.
For further information regarding the Bucher Municipal Training Service, please contact your local dealer.