Used and demo vehicles

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$93,500 Inc GST. + plus applicable govt charges

CN101 Compact Sweeper (DEMO2536)

Options include:
• 7" Split Screen with Provision Rear & Nozzle
• Rear Directional Light Bar
• In-Cab Air Conditions
• 2kg In-Cab Fire Extinguisher
• AM/FM Radio/CD/MP3 Player

$392,570 Incl GST + applicable govt. charges

2016 Gen V 22m3 Side Loader (SL012797)

Options include:

• Bucher Underbody Load Cell System

• Bin Shaker

• Semi Automatic Bin Lifter

• Chassis Mounted Toolbox

• Wind Deflector

• Unit is Brand New & available for Immediate Delivery

$275,000 Inc GST. + plus applicable govt charges

RT655 Truck Mounted Sweeper (DEMO2629)

Options include:
• Isuzu FSR850 with Allison LCT 2500
• Two Stage Multi Leaf Spring Suspension
• Rear Directional Light Bar
• Ecco Smart Reverse Alarm
• In-Cab Toolbox behind RH Seat